Evolution Jujutsu is an especially good martial art for self-defence.
That’s what it’s designed for.

But we believe that a whole martial artist is “greater than the sum of its parts”.

What does that mean?

The techniques taught in Evolution Jujutsu are specifically designed to enable students to protect themselves within a short time.  Even so, it’s better not to be in a circumstance requiring those physical skills in the first instance.

Learning Evolution Jujutsu, then, is more than just the physical skills.  It is also about developing the personal skills in tandem so that the individual grows into an independent, caring and well-rounded person.

By including personal development skills in the syllabus alongside the technical, Evolution Jujutsu students–the young ones included!–are encouraged to take ownership of their own progress.

Is Evolution Jujutsu the same as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?

The technical answer is ‘Yes’.  Because the foundations of Evolution Jujutsu have their origins in different styles of martial arts (primarily Japanese and Chinese), it is described as a ‘mixed’ style.  However, while modern MMA is classified as a sport, Evolution Jujutsu is non-competitive and designed for ‘street style’ self-defence, at the same time drawing from the traditions and values of the ancient arts, such as discipline and respectful behaviour toward self and others.


Evolution Jujutsu is a modern mixed martial art style consisting primarily of jujutsu and kung fu, fully underpinned with the time-honoured values of the traditional styles.  It incorporates the speed and power in striking defences, easy-to-apply jujutsu escapes and releases from common attacks, basic ground defence, understanding conflict scenarios, and weapons defence.

Evolution Jujutsu continues to develop and progress, incorporating the best techniques from other styles, such as Eskrima from the Philippines, and the Israeli army self-defence of Krav Maga.


Established in 2006, Evolution Jujutsu is the continued development of Hoshin Jutsu, a system of self-defence which the highly-regarded Sydney martial artist, Sensei Geoff Smith, was instrumental in creating in 1997 out of a need for a practical, modern style that was both highly-effective to use and simple to learn.

Sensei Smith is a very experienced and versatile martial artist, beginning his training at a young age with Judo, then continuing to train in other martial arts, gaining high levels in Japanese and Chinese styles including Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Jujutsu, and Shaolin Kempo Kung Fu.


Evolution Jujutsu dojos are located in Lindfield and Wahroonga, NSW.